Solving Complex Problems Is In Our DNA

It’s All About Responsiveness and Costumer Satisfaction.



VENTEX International Corporation manages with special care its procurement skills in orden to obtain goods, services and materials from well-qualified global suppliers. Our Team focuses on best quality possible in order to satisfy our costumers needs. Ventex’s team is commited to quality, delivery time, cost-efficiency and reliability.



Our Logistics team takes care of the whole process from shipment of materials to delivery to the final destination. These activities cover embarkation of goods, negotiating shipping contracts, negotiating freight rates, operating the cargo terminal, supervision, assurance and compliance with import-export regulations.




A well designed, agile and full flexible supply chain management approach is the key strategy to success in today’s business world. Our team has the skills and the experience to help your Organization to reach your goals while managing your costs efficiently keeping your organization ahead of the competition.



We believe that Supply Chain Services are all about support, diligence, availability, on-time response and peace-of-mind. For that reason, we have created an uninterrupted support service for your organization that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



From product support to high- end services, Ventex International Corporation provides a wide array of technical services. These activities refer to strategic maintenance, replacement of components, technical activities, temporary exportation and technical support for our Customers.